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Today is my best friend’s birthday.  She’s my rock.  She’s my mentor, teacher, cheerleader and confidant.  She is the example of femininity that every girl should aspire to be.  She’s my very own superhero! She’s taught me a whole new religion called sisterhood!

Sometimes we don’t realize how valuable the women in our lives are until it’s too late…but me, I was blessed when my parents gave birth to her 48 years ago (even though I wasn’t around then)…you get the point.

It’s not every day and it’s not often that we’re given a gift in the form of a lifelong friendship…and even more rare is when it’s your very own sister.  Today, as I write about her, I am reminded that it’s who she is to the core that makes her so special.  It’s not necessarily in what she says or what she does for me, although she says and does so much for so many, it’s in what she represents and the character in which she displays…even when no one is watching.

It’s no mistake that she shares a birthday with George Washington, the man who by all accounts, was respected by all that knew him.  When faced with happiness or morality as his compass, he chose morality; convinced that happiness was a direct byproduct of living on moral high ground.  I believe that about my sister.  I hope she knows that about herself.  They say old George was meticulous about keeping things in order and keeping the homestead on track…yep, that’s got Lori (my sister) written all over it.  Another account tells of his compassion and concern for those he served and those who worked for him…her again.  You see, its never in the deed but always in the actions.  It’s not the DOING that is so valuable, it’s the WAY it’s done that divides the natural from the contrived.  My sister is a natural.

Today, it’s all about her.  And how fitting that she share this day with a guy who, on his death bed, was concerned for the people taking care of him instead of worrying about himself.  I am proud and forever grateful for my friend, my sister and my own living wonder for the many times she selflessly cared for the rest of us.

Make time today to tell an amazing woman in your life that you notice her and that you appreciate her and your life is richer because of her.  And if you have a sister, tell her twice.  To quote Isadora James, “A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.”  Happy Birthday Lori!


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Project Management – New Business Development – Client Relations – Communications – Strategic Planning – Account Management
Budget Planning – Proposal Development – Team Leadership & Motivation Customer Service – Media Buying & Strategy – Public Relations
Market Penetration – Consulting
I am a versatile and creative marketing professional with more than 19 years of extensive experience directing and enhancing robust brand advertising.  I have sold,  orchestrated, motivated, and branded people, concepts and products in the entertainment, sports and banking industries.
I embrace creation, challenge and change.  I facilitate positive culture transformation within an organization. I enjoy learning and broadening my sphere of influence.  I work well under pressure and welcome opportunities to integrate creative, innovative solutions to unproven initiatives.
I’m far from perfect.  I make mistakes.  I apologize when I’m wrong.  I am humbled by the support of my friends and family to become the woman God made me to be.  I am still working on that.
I am currently the director of marketing for the Tennessee State Fair.  Besides getting the directive to “reinvent the fair,” I want to create an affordable place for families to make memories in this tight economy.  It’s not been easy, but I welcome the challenge (maybe if I stop saying that, I’ll stop getting such challenging projects).  But maybe that’s what lured me in the first place.
Stick with me over the next 8 months and watch my life unfold as I turn what critics say is a “thug-filled midway” into an experience of safe, clean family fun.  I will do all of this while having fun and causing others to enjoy the process.

Chrysty Beverley Fortner

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