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The timeless, ageless Jones is one of those grandfather types that appears just when you need him most…even when you didn’t know you needed him. Andy Andrews takes us on a journey to remind us to be grateful and appreciative through gaining new perspective.

In his new book, The Noticer, we weave in and out of the lives of ordinary people who cross paths with an extraordinary human. As he taught Andy lessons, he taught me. Everyone has a Jones somewhere they’ve not appreciated or given thanks to. I know I do.

I am inspired and love a book that I can read in one afternoon and put into action the next. I felt myself crying as I related to the characters in the book—even Andy, homeless and weeping in grief…I felt it. I’ve been where they are and I’ve gained new perspective, at times…at others, not so much. The story seemed familiar, but mostly I enjoyed it because I was comfortable in Andy’s storytelling and I felt he was talking to me. I’m sure he was.

This book is a great gift to yourself and even a greater one to share. I loved it. I need more Andy and more Jones in my life…to realign my perspective and jerk a knot in me every now and again. This gives “pay it forward” a new, well, perspective to consider.


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